by Savon Paradis

Immerse our Luxury range for Hotels and Spa’s

by Savon Paradis

IMMERSE is a beautifully designed range of products created specifically for the luxury Hotel and exclusive Spa market.

Enjoy all the amazing aromas available from our PURE range, presented in a format tailored for the most discerning of clients. IMMERSE sets include 50g soaps, body lotions, shampoos & conditioners.

The essence of IMMERSE

Drawing on the fundamental principles of our PURE range, IMMERSE is a range of beauty products specifically formulated for the luxury spa and exclusive hotel and hospitality sector.

Recognising the specific requirements for delivering unparalleled luxury in these exclusive settings IMMERSE by Savon Paradis is a range of body soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners with certified organic plant oils with high quality ethically sourced base ingredients in personal care.

Available in sizes most commonly requested by spas and hotels the IMMERSE range of beauty care products comes individually packed or in gift pack sets depending on individual requirements that fit every unique vision.

IMMERSE ensures sheer indulgence for your customers who demand the very best that luxury has to offer in beauty.