by Savon Paradis

PURE: Our luxury retail range

by Savon Paradis

PURE is the core range of luxury retail products by Savon Paradis. These products embody the essence of our brand using only certified organic plant oils.

All products in this range offer the same range of wonderful aromas and therapeutic benefits for which Savon Paradis is renowned. Guaranteed 100% certified organic plant oils, chemical and cruelty-free, the range is simply Pure Luxury for those who demand the very best.

The essence of PURE

The Pure range is the epitome of simplicity, elegance and style.

The core of the PURE range is our specially selected ingredients. Offering a multi-level sensory experience, this is a new breed of superior soaps containing the same pure organic plant ingredients to be found in our entire range of luxury beauty care products.

Our Soaps

Every soap is made with the purest certified organic oils, using the finest raw base materials enhanced in rich moisturising benefits.
Free from SLS and SLES, each of our clear translucent handcrafted bars of soap are infused with genuine 24ct Gold to create an extremely beautiful, delicate and luxurious bathing experience.

Our handcrafted signature bar of extreme luxury which beautifully reveals the genuine gold, silver or platinum suspended within each bar, a product of pure indulgence.

Zest, Floral, Spice

The three soaps that form the PURE range bring together the most amazing certified organic plant oils with health-benefiting qualities. Breathe in the exotic aromas from our three groups of Zest, Floral and Spice, and relax in an instant.



If you would like to find out more about our retail range of luxury soaps and beauty products, PURE by Savon Paradis, please contact us.


Buyers and Procurement Managers are invited to arrange a meeting with our our team to discuss our retail range and planned product rollouts for the coming seasons.