by Savon Paradis

SUBLIME: The pinnacle of indulgence

by Savon Paradis

SUBLIME is the embodiment of unparalleled luxury, offering a complete bespoke personal service to our most exclusive clients.

Indulge in the rich skin-enhancing properties of precious gold, silver and platinum, and choose from our “A” list of rare botanical oils certified organic. Sprinkled with a little diamond dust, this simply sublime luxury product has been created exclusively for you.

The essence of SUBLIME

As a SUBLIME member, you will have the opportunity to work with our team of product designers to create a range of unique and exclusive luxury soaps and beauty care products.

Enjoy the beauty and huge health benefits of nature herself whilst relishing in genuine 24ct gold with our exclusive signature soaps. Choose a personal blend from our “A” list of botanical oils, including some of the rarest to source in the world which are renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities and pure multi-level sensory experience.

For luxury hotel groups, this offers the ability to create an exquisite blend of aromas for their beauty products which is exclusive to that group and delivered in packaging to ensure consistency throughout the group’s locations.  This can include tailoring the appearance of the product and style of packaging and labelling to compliment the group’s interiors décor, brand colours, core values and ethos.

For our private clients SUBLIME enables personally tailored beauty care products which are as unique and individual as they are.

Selecting a blend of certifed organic oils from our extensive range of botanicals, add the beauty benefits of genuine Gold and or other precious materials and sprinkle with a little diamond dust….

…because you can!