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We are very proud of our rare and unique enfleurage oils soaps, soaps that are produced exclusively for us by a small operation based here in the UK. These are the rarest soaps that you will not find anywhere else in the World.  The enfleurage oil process is a very old traditional technique used for extracting essential oils from the most delicate flowers. 

Our oils are produced from certified organic flower farms. enfleurage oils are very costly because the extraction process as it is so labor-intensive and many flowers are required, but if you love the beautiful floral aromas, then don’t let the costly price deter you from experiencing pure quality. Our enfleurage oil soaps are, in our opinion the ultimate aromatic indulgence and the oils produced are seriously sought after by professional natural perfumers around the world for the use in high-end products.


The beauty of enfleurage oil is its simplicity and the purity of scent. The scent is like the scent of the fresh flowers, or the headspace of the flowers. In essence enfleurage only absorbs the volatile perfume given off by the flowers. To produce the best oils in the World takes patience and lots of flowers.

We cannot over-emphasize that our enfleurage oil Soaps are some of the rarest aromatics soaps in the world and we can only produced these soaps in limited quantities.    

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Because we are a small “luxury boutique” company specializing in the finest and freshest of plant oils, unlike other BIG companies and MLM companies. We’re very serious about oil safety. That’s why our partners carry out GC-MS testing by independent labs. 

The enfleurage oil extraction method is one of the oldest. It is also highly costed but was the sole method of extracting the fragrant compounds in delicate flowers such as Frangipani and Lily, which would be destroyed or denatured by the high temperatures required by methods of fragrance extraction such as steam distillation.    

Bath and body from a totally fresh perspective.

Additional Information on Enfluerage

Enfleurage is over 100 years and a specialized  technique of extracting the aromatic oils from flowers which popularized in France, starting in the 18th century. 

How can you capture their aromas? This process is extremely labor intensive and requires a lot of plant material and in one study, 1000 kg of tuberose blossoms yielded less than 1 kg of oil. However, the results are worth it–in contrast with solvent (chemical) extraction, enfleurage yields an organic, pure, flower aroma, and you can really smell the difference and giving the skin the highest quality treatment.

What is Enfleurage method?

Petals are placed between layers of purified vegetable  oil, which become saturated with flower oil, and alcohol is then used to obtain the absolute. The expression method, used to recover citrus oils from fruit peels, ranges from a traditional procedure of pressing with sponges Enfleurage. This beautiful word, “enflowering” (in French), refers to an equally beautiful process for extracting essential oils from flowers.

Most essential oils are gathered through either steam distillation or expression, video link below. Some of the most delicate flowers, however, are not suited to either of these methods, as they will not hold up to steam distillation and will not yield their oils to pressing. But these flowers are also the flowers with some of the most delightful and desirable scents–flowers like gardenia, rose, lily, tuberose, jasmine, and frangipani (plumeria). Our Enflurage soap are some of the rarest soaps you will find Worldwide 

Each block measures 275mm x 250mm x 75mm and weighs 5Kg before curing (approx). Our soap blocks are all made to order, so Express Shipping is not possible. 

Lead time is typically around 5 working days as we schedule production, but it could be longer at busier times. The blocks will require cutting into bars or loaves and will need further time to cure, which should be done at room temperature for at least 3-4 weeks.

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 What is Enfleurage of essential oils?

It works on the simple principle that fats dissolve essential oils and thereby absorb their aromas.  The oil saturated fat, called a pomade, was then dissolved by alcohol back then but now we are able to use organic alcohol to extract the precious plant aroma..

It is a process that makes it very possible to recover the odor compounds from fresh and fragile flowers using fats. There were two enfleurage techniques, hot and cold, depending on the type of flower.

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Learn the science behind making your own enfleurage oil at home with the great video tutorial.  


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